Tuesday, March 13, 2012

So today once again the dogs misbehave.They tear up their kennel,so I let them outside.As soon as they're done i herd them into their kennels,right?Well this time one of them doesn't want to come inside.So I tug on his collar a few times to get him in but he doesn't budge.So I pull on his collar and he hardly ever moved.So then my sister comes out and says 'what are you doing??'So she hardly even touches him and he runs inside into his kennel.I guess I should make my sister let the dogs outside next time.See you next time!!


Thursday, March 1, 2012

So I have to babysit my little sister while my parents and older sister are at a school meeting.Then one of my sisters friends walks in and comes and sits down on the couch.So I say what are you doing?Then she said that my mom said that she could come over bacause apparently her friend was at he school meeting.So I ended up babysitting two kids at the same time!I guess i dont have to do anything since they just sit on the couch all the time.So I didn't have anything to do so I ended up blogging some more.
So I guess it was a pretty random night!So keep on viewing!!
So today i got home and let our dogs out as usual and there older dogs so they should be not going to the bathroom in the house,right?So i got home and the have everything destroyed,even there food bowls.Of course,the have done this before so i just picked it up like normal while my two sisters sat on the couch and ate Cheetos like nothing happened.So my sisters get yelled at or something for not doing anything whatsoever.Oh,by the way I have 3 large dogs 2 are larger ones so they can do some massive destruction.And to top it off I come inside to find that my sisters have made a mess!You don't think a 6 year old and a bossy older sister who texts all the time could make a mess so quickly!See you next time!